September 4-6
San Antonio

"Live out of your imagination, not your history." - Stephen Covey

Credit union leaders have the power to make a tremendous difference in the world. At heart, they are trailblazers, change-makers, and passionate servants with an abiding responsibility to employees, the cooperative business' mission, and the members with whom they interact and serve.

The newly designed Leadership Summit & Executive Forum will help credit union leaders at all levels discover ways to rise and thrive. Our primary focus is not solely on what any individual can do for the credit union, but on a balanced model that also addresses the team, the organization, and the larger community.

With the help of insightful experts, skilled practitioners, and inspiring storytellers, we aim to integrate every credit union leader's life experience with their career trajectory. For the first time, we're launching four dedicated tracks to address the critical areas of leadership competency and development: Aspiring Leaders, Emerging Executives, C-Suite Executives, and Board Volunteers.

Emerging Leader

Aspiring Leaders/Leading Self
An Aspiring Leader is someone with initiative and drive, an individual alert for growth opportunities who doesn't yet lead a large team. Credit union managers may fit this role. This developmental track begins with self-awareness and the capacity for reflection, as well as taking considered actions aimed at specific developmental goals/objectives.


C-Suite Executives/Leading Organization & Industry
If you're in the C-suite, you may think you've arrived. But you can always stretch further. As the leader of a major department or the credit union itself, you have responsibilities that can't always be quantified by statistical measures. This developmental track looks at the more complex competencies required to impact not only your organization's bottom line and executive strategy, but also its culture, sustainability, and place within the larger community of credit unions.

Emerging Executive

Emerging Executive/Leading Others
Leading a team offers another layer of learning. Emerging Executives are looking for growth opportunities, may manage a team of three or more, and likely carry the title senior manager, director, or vice president. This developmental track moves the leader to next-level awareness of others and transitions into the mindset of maximizing their team/workgroup outcomes.


Board Volunteers/Community Leaders
Having oversight for the credit union's innerworkings means you're tasked with liability, fiduciary, and governance responsibilities that demand consistent training and retraining to safeguard the institution, protect member interests, and engage responsibly with the community. This developmental track explores corporate social responsibility, critical compliance matters, and executive retention and strategic retirement planning.

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